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Science or faith ?

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    [SOLVED] science or faith ?

    sometimes the higher dimensions theory seems to be asking us to believe in things we can not see, touch or even prove. too many people is confunding it with religion. when will we have a easier way to explain it ?
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    As far as I know, the extra dimensions predicted of string theory are valid science, because they approach from two directions.

    One, the theory of the universe as we see it implies the existence of additional dimensions, to generate some particular consistencies.

    Two, that dimensions do lead to testable predictions, and indeed attempts have been made to detect some of these dimensions, using CBM scans and particle accelerators etc. So far, nothing, but string theoriests are hopeful.
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    I'd add:

    Three, they arise as a mathematical necessity when you try to solve the equations. There is no real known reason, that I know of, for this, but it's the truth. Of course, only perturbative methods can be used to attempt solving these equations, but the fact remains.
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