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Science or spirituality?

  1. Oct 9, 2005 #1
    What is the right path? Science,spirituality or is it both?

    Is 'truth' an actual end or simply a persuit to keep our minds from bordom?

    Most of us have been on a lifelong persuit of something, some goal, some knowledge or understanding. Are our persuits in vain? Will we ever get to a point where we are content?

    More importantly, why do we fight and quarrel over our views? Science, Religion, Countless philosophies to try to explain the same world, the same emotions and the same lives lived in different ways, at different times under different circumstances.

    "If you knew what you knew could save us, would you try to?"

    "All history is one immortal man who continually learns."

    What is more important.. Knowledge of/about life, the beyond, ourselves, or life it'self?

    Society has always been a limiting factor for those interested in knowledge.
    As they say, knowing too much is not always a good thing. How do you balance your persuit of knowledge and the insane bordom that is everyday life?

    I see many people juggling the same theories, philosophies and concepts in different ways with slight variations, is it all relative to our situations/lives?

    Where does this great need to understand that which we seem incapable of knowing come from? Where will it take us? Will any of it make life easier, or just complicate it more?

    For every answer to a question there are an infinite number of questions raised, so is it possible for there to be "A", "Truth"?

    Hi, What is your name.. How are you doing today?
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    my name? that i can answer :P , and today is probably going to suck...cant be certain but

    will we ever get to a point where we are content? that depends on the question. How to fix a car has a definite, finite answer, chances are you will get satisfied by a how-to-book. What is the meaning of life?, that has many possible answers that can not really be proven, so chances are you can not be content.

    Are are attempts in vain? hmmmm...depends on your defintion of in vain. i figure that if it makes you resonable happy for the amount of time you put into it, it isnt in vain. but u have to make up your mind about that one.

    society isnt always/wasn't always a limiting factor, you just see a "bad" section of it. im sure if you considered this a soceity you would find that we enjoy learning.

    why do we fight about our view? bcuz the other guy is OBVIOUSLY WRONG and it would be the nice thing to do to correct him!!! j/k, my idea goes like this:

    1) religion makse ppl feel better
    2)other ppls religions make them not feel better, mayeb because they are forced to question thier religion
    3)ppl dont like to feel bad, and get mad

    For every answer to a question there are an infinite number of questions raised, so is it possible for there to be "A", "Truth"?

    you can ask me twenty million questions about the color of the sky, but it will always be blue. so yes, there are truths.
  4. Oct 10, 2005 #3
    my humble opinions :

    There is no "right path" for all, you must choose what suits you best.

    are you bored scix? with respect, that is such a pity, perhaps you need to get out more, have more interests?

    yes, it's called 42. To be more serious - what you are asking is "is there any purpose to life?". My advice : Be prepared for the answer "no". But that does not mean life must be boring.

    It takes two to fight. There is no obligation to fight or quarrel, you could choose to simply accept others' opinions without fighting.

    save us? from what?

    and there is no end to learning..... but so what?

    in the final analysis, nothing is important unless you make it important to yourself

    who is "they"?
    that boredom thing again. wish i had the time to get bored!

    everything is relative

    humans are driven by a need to question, to understand. maybe that is what keeps most of us from getting bored.

    it is possible for there to exist "a truth", but it is not ever possible to know when we have arrived at the truth. There is always room for doubt.

    fine thanks

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