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Science(Physics) Competiton

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    Hey guys, I am a year 10 student and I took part in a competition called the Science Games Day...One of the event stated that I need to build a tennis ball launcher that can launch over 10m and 1.5m in height...

    There is also a lot of restrictions.

    Can anyone help me with this like giving me a design that is good.I being dreaming to win this competition?

    Thank you

    The details are here:
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    We can't design it for you.

    However, the document link shows several designs on the last graphic:

    1) trebuchet

    2) air cannon

    3) slingshot

    Not mentioned is a ski jump that would be unique but it might exceed the 1x1x1m size limitation.

    You could also search online to see some examples and maybe search images too.
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    Thanks for the reply jedishrfu...Can I use the http://www.tcnj.edu/~jones37/fat.html [Broken]as shown in the video below... I did some research on it and they said it is the most accurate and long distance

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