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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
Ok...Hopefully someone can help me here...

I have to make up a procedure to prove how F=ma using a Kick Dis(http://www.smarthome.com/9563.html)
We need to list materials and write a decent procedure

2. Relevant equations
Kick Dis is 7.5" in diameter
Kick Dis weighs 1.8 lbs

3. The attempt at a solution

Im kind of confused about the whole thing to tell you guys the truth...


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You need a way to measure accelaration - a few lines painted on the floor and a stop watch should do.
You know the mass
You need to find a way of giving it a push with a known force - hint ever seen fishing/spring scales
would it work if I just kicked the Kick dis with my foot or would it be absolutely nessicary to use a spring scale?


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If you know how much force you apply with your foot!

You could do a demonstration by kicking 2pucks of them fixed together with the same force as you kick one and then seeing what effect doubling the mass has?

You could make an atificial kick that applied the same force. Something like a weighted rod that could pivot at the top and swing down kicking the puck. As long as you raised it to the same height each time it would have the same kick.

Now for the procedure, would I just say to measure the acceleration and mass and then multiply them together to find the force?
Make sure that in your procedure you do several trials and take averages.

Mention something about minimising errors - how would you do this?
ok thanks

im guessing they want us to find the mass manually, not by using the internet, so do you think I could use a triple beam balance for that?


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If you are just trying to prove F=ma you don't need the mass or the force as long as you can keep one constant and vary the other, you will prove the relationship.
If you knew the force you could find the mass from the accelaration by using F = ma but since you are trying to prove it that gets a bit circular.

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