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    I'm a 25 year old Belgian guy, rediscovering myself after a curiosity stifling road to and through adolescence. I'm trying to restore what I was passionate about the most as a child, as nearly everything regarding science felt awesome. In about a week I'm starting university. To confirm whether or not I can handle it I am taking three courses, namely linear algebra, statistics and philosophy. If all goes well, I plan on continuing my academic endeavour by studying physics, computer science or geology in October. If not, plan B, another adventure. I realise my chances are very slim, but at least I'll know the answer.

    I have to say I kind of feel I've got nothing to contribute to this forum and I'd be wasting peoples time. However, I guess if I commit to this forum properly it will provide some clarity on the way to wherever I'm going.

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    Welcome to PF..! Nice to know about you.

    You said you took three courses, are they done?

    There's nothing like waste of time in the pursuit of knowledge. Just lack of proper usage.

    Have fun...!

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    Those are the courses I'm taking next semester. I'll be able to post the results in about 6 months.
    I edited my post to clear any confusion.
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    Depends what you mean by contribute. There are so many people here who enjoy giving answers, that you probably contribute more by asking questions than by answering them. Difficult questions will interest the clever people and easy questions will allow people like me to make an occasional post.

    If you want to be popular, just ask clear concise questions, show your own work and ideas, respond to any replies (not necessarily individually), and finally give thanks for any you find helpful.
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