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Science related job

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    Which science degree is the best if you want to use your education in your job? or is there such a degree at all?
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    I am not entirely sure of your what you mean use your education in your job. But generally it depends on your interests and likes. People shouldn't pursue science careers for money, science is pursued mostly for the thrill of discovering how the universe & nature work and cooperate together. So I suggest what ever science/field interests you the most, pursue it.

    But on a side note: currently I was reading a statistic report from some American group, basically Applied Mathematics is the most paid (90k for best beginning job; I believe), and then biology is 4th, forgot what chemistry was and physics was around the 29th!
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    Most of them. A better question is which courses could be best if you want to be able to use your education in your job. You should include courses which provide practical knowledge and these are part of different academic departments. Do not overlook the usefulness of computer programming, electronics, microbiology, any training to use instrumentation(which may be from coursework, or research), ..., or other things which may not have been included in this listing.
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