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Scientific American Book Club

  1. Apr 21, 2007 #1
    Is anyone here a member of the Scientific American Book Club? If so, have you had any problems with them?

    Because, as you may have guessed, I'm finding it difficult to resolve an issue with them and unfortunately, their idea of customer service is to ignore my emails these days. :uhh:

    So I'm wondering if any other science-lovin' folks 'round here use their service.
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  3. Jul 24, 2008 #2
    I have been a member since they were known as The Library of Science. I've never had any problem with them.
  4. Aug 12, 2008 #3
    I joined about three months ago. I received my first set of book along with my obligation to purchase one more book during the year. Shortly after a new package arrived containing items I had not ordered and of which I had received no advance notice. I returned them and was billed again for them. I wrote to them without response. Since then I have purchased my one obligatory book from the material provided to me. Today I received another book, which I did not open and which I never had a chance to review. I'll refuse delivery of course; try to contact them by phone; quit the club etc.

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  5. Aug 12, 2008 #4
    Now that you mention it, shortly after I joined received material that I never ordered (or failed to decline). I thought I had just misplaced the mailing and thus never checked the "do not send" box.

    Now I'm starting to wonder.
  6. Apr 28, 2009 #5
    I have had two book orders which I did not approve sent to me. I did what I thought was right: returned to sender. I got one reply card after the book had already been sent. Now I'm being billed for all two books. To top it off, I got a third book, which i declined, what should I do?
  7. May 7, 2009 #6
    I, too, have had this nasty experience with the Scientific American Book Club. I never signed up but suddenly received a very expensive book which I returned unopened. I then get a billing a few days later. I was able to send an email for them to cancel the subscription that I never opened in the first place.

    I recently received another notice of featured selections that are going to be sent if I don't cancel by a certain date. I try to get onto their website (www.sciambookclub.com[/URL]) but have been unable to do so. it appears this is not a valid URL.

    One thing that has worked, however, is to call 1-717-918-2665. This is the phone number found in the order form they sent me recently. Through this number I was able to verify that I do not have a pending balance and I was able to stop the sending of the featured selections.

    hope this helps others in the same situation. It is still irritating though because I did not susbscribe to this in the first place. the menu in the phone service does not include cancelling the membership as far as I can tell.
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  8. May 7, 2009 #7
    Interesting, four people that are members of the Scientific American Book Club that have never posted in PF before. 3 of the 4 have had a bad experience with the club. The coincidences are astounding.

    edit: I counted wrong, 4/4 have had bad experiences. MTyler8 has posted in the past.
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    That's called Googling.
  10. May 8, 2009 #9
    I see, one person posts a complaint and this becomes the national complaint hotline for the club :rofl:.
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