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Scientific bucket list

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    Nowadays I read a lot about people's bucket list. For members not familiar with the concept, a bucket list are a list of things they really want to do before they die. For example, some people might really want to try parachute jumping or riding an elephant.

    But when it comes to us scientists, surely we have a bucket list too. For example, it might be some science theory we really want to understand or even find, or it might be some book we really want to read.

    If you were to have a bucket list, what would be on it?
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    Measuring single ion heats of formation/solution.
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    For me there is a lot in this category.

    For example, I would very much like to gain a detailed understanding of both the rigorous mathematical underpinnings as well as the physical foundations and engineering applications of fluid dynamics. Because this is a very large subject, my focus is currently elsewhere and I absorb knowledge quite slowly, I hope for reincarnation.

    I'm curious what you (= the OP) would have on your list?
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