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Scientific Conferences

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    I was trying to search on the forums for threads of conferences but i couldn't find any or glanced to fast.

    So what are some of the interesting conferences that peopel have been to that (current or potential) graduate students should look into?

    List any field you want (but any pertaining to N-body simulations or dynamic simulation in phys/MD/3D spatial biology would be very grateful for me anyways)
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    I am guessing the APS (American Physical Society) March Meeting would be of interest to you.

    You also have the APS April Meeting- more of a gravity/particle/nuclear physics meeting. You also have all the divisions, topical groups and regional groups within the APS (DNP, DPF, Beams, AMO, etc.)

    Most of the professional societies for given fields hold at least an annual meeting for researchers.
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    These have been of interest to me...

    AAPT conferences and "Topical Conferences"
    http://www.opensourcephysics.org/CPC/index.html (for Summer 07)
    http://www.aapt-doorway.org/TGRU/index.htm [Broken] (from Summer 06)

    Gordon Research conferences

    regional Gravity Meetings
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    I went to the SNM (Society of Nuclear Medicine) meeting. It was interesting but geared more towards medical physics and nuclear pharmacy than health physics. The Health Physics meeting is in about a week in Portland, and I'll be there for the first time, so I'll let you know how it went.
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    can you apply for funding to go to conferences?
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    Your department or university may have funding available, especially if you are giving a presentation. The conference itself may have some limited funding for students, underrepresented people, first-timers, etc... For any of these, apply early.
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    There is also the CEU- Conference Experience for Undergrads
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