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Scientific evidence to prove religions?

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    Scientific evidence to prove religions??

    Since there is already another thread taking into count religion and science,I thought of posting this thread here.
    I found this site actually from a link from a commercial on the main site here.
    The auther clearly trying to prove a religion by using scientific stuff (general relativity , ...)
    I've read the site, and saw what text he used from the Quran , I've read them in arabic it seem that the info translation from arabic to english is valid,but i'm more concernd on how did he used them.
    Info twisting seem very wide these days...
    what do you think?
    what can you say about his work on the site?
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    Well the author makes some interesting assertions with regarding to interpreting specific words in Qu'ran. That does not seem very scientific.

    I am skeptical of 'exactly' 12000 lunar orbits right away.

    I remain highly skeptical. :rolleyes:

    BTW - this thread could be close to becoming a religious discussion rather than a scientific one, which would violate the agreements/rules of PF. Hopefully discussion/criticism/disputation will be limited to the claims or method, and will not evolve into a religious discussion.
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    the only intrest i have is regarding the science involved , that's it.
    As for the 1200 lunar well arabs at that time used lunar calendar ,the lunar year it's about 11~12 days shorter then normal year.
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    The science involved is "crackpottery". There are several outright mistakes, in addition to subtle ones, from this website.



    I have come across this site before and had the strong impression that whoever wrote this could only "copy" what was said without understanding the content of the physics.

    Please note that our Guidelines strictly prohibit advertizing crackpot websites such as this.

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    I just re-read the guidlines just now,and I'm not advertizing i just saw it as in ad on the main page,it got my attention immediatly.
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    The link also violates our "Religious Discussion" guideline as it clearly proclaims the superiority of one religion over another.
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    ziad, thanks for alerting us to the link in the advertisement you found on this site. Anytime you find an advertisement here that is questionable, please notify a moderator so we can take appropriate action.
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