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Scientific evidence to prove that ghosts don't exist?

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    Definition 1: Ghosts are the "creatures" which might be made of particles as we are, but unseen (with the use of photons).

    Premise 1: We are made of particles or atoms which enable us to think and make us what we are (human creatures).
    Premise 2: Their might exist creatures which are made up of particles unseen (might even be dark matter) and might have the ability to do the activities as we can.
    Premise 3: Ghosts might exist.

    Does Science has any evidence to prove that such unseen-particle-built creature (Ghost) might not exist?

    I have no background on Dark matter, I just mentioned about it on the basis of my layman knowledge. Thank you.
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    You can't disprove that they exist, like you can't disprove that unicorns exist. To even assume the hypothesis that they exist, there must be solid evidence behind it, which there isn't - and so that statement is as likely to be true as magic unicorns existing.
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