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Scientific Illiteracy

  1. May 1, 2017 #26
    I don't think a spectral distribution curve it's asking too much from a technical lighting company that produces component LED's and publishes that very same information for all those products. I can't tell from your post whether you don't actually know what a spectral output is, or are just saying that other people wouldn't know it.

    Finally, I'm not sure what you mean by "who is to say the r&d guy didn't know the answer." He didn't say he didn't know it, he said it was proprietary. I'm not angry they wouldn't give it to me, I'm just perplexed by them saying it was proprietary.

    By the way, since you are relatively new to PF, I should point out that we try to have a welcoming, friendly environment here without people making personal judgments about the psychological state of other posters or telling them to "get over it." If you are more used to a confrontational type of forum, perhaps somewhere else would be better suited to your requirements.
  2. May 1, 2017 #27

    No, I admitted I'm not sure what you mean by spectral output. And so what? Who cares? As I said the question is beyond the normal scope for 95% of consumers.

    Doubt me? Do this...find me one ad for an LED for the public that uses the term spectral output..just one, and you win!

    So if you want to pay yourself on the back by thinking this makes you smarter than the rest of us in this area, do be it. Enjoy! LOL. Frankly, you are coming across as tedious. Just my opinion. I am guessing the customer support gal agreed! LOL.

    This will be my last post here, as I am getting off topic. As well as trying not to laugh. You remind me of an undergrad student who just learned a new word and wants to flaunt it.

    I've also been a member for a year.
  3. May 1, 2017 #28
    You fail again to recognize that the company in question also provides component LED's for technical applications and so it's not beyond reason to ask them about this particular bulb. They should be used to dealing with the other 5% of people.

    Of course it won't be contained in an ad, but I gave a link above where G.E. provides such curves for a wide range of their consumer bulbs. It should be available and if not, just say it's not available.

    Again with the ad hominem attacks. If anyone is tedious, it is you. For the ten millionth time, my only objection was their saying the information is proprietary, which it cannot be. And I don't think talking about a spectral distribution curve is being pedantic on a PHYSICS FORUM !! You claim not to know what it is but that doesn't stop you from posting in this thread and offering opinions. Very strange.

    I am too polite to say what you remind me of. So you have been a member for a year and have 17 posts? Were all those posts created just to attack other people?

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