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Scientific method help

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    I need to find out if im right? Im in BIO 161 and need help answering these questions.

    Sara and Michael tested electromagnets to see if the size of wire they used would make the magnets stronger. They selected 6 steel nails of the same size to make the magnets. Using 6 different sizes of insulated wire, they put 50 turns around each nail. Then each nail was hooked to 2 D cell batteries to make electromagnets. The strength of each magnet was tested by counting the number of paper clips which could be picked up by the electromagnet.


    independent variable - (by counting)
    dependent variable - (insulated wire or nails)
    experimental group - (magnets)
    control group - (paper clips)
    controlled variables - (nails) (can be more than one)

    are these answers right?

    i think their pretty much one word answers. when we did an example they were just one word answers.

    thanks a lot
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