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Homework Help: Scientific notation help

  1. Oct 29, 2008 #1
    7 × 10^6 divided by a × 10^n is equal to 8.75 × 10^9

    a is greater or equal to 1 but less than 10. n is an integer.

    Find the value of a and the value of n.
    I do not really understand how to separate the a and n, and thus find a value for each of them. Some help would be highly appreciated.

    thanks integral, but how exactly does that help??

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    Re: Numbers

    It's easier if you don't think about the algebra. Set up the equation like this:


    Hopefully it's obvious that 8.75*10^9 = (7/8)*10^10.

    From there you can just sort of see the numbers that will work.
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    Re: Indices

    Your problem is

    [tex] \frac {7 x 10^6} {a x 10^n} = 8.75 x 10^9 [/tex]

    You can't see that this is the same form as the fraction in my first post?
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