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Homework Help: Scientific report writing

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    Just a quick question!!

    I'm writing a report for a unit that is meant to be written according to a "standard scientific report" format.

    So for the most part I know how to set it out, but I was just wondering about my calculations.

    I observed a star and to make sure that it was the right star I did some calculations (e.g. relative magnitude to another star and degree of separation). Now do I put these calculations in the Results section along with the lightcurve and other data for that particular observation?

    I did find a site that say you should include sample calculations in an appendix and refer to it in that way.

    What do you think?
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    One should visit a technical library and browse through some scientific journals to see how they report on experimental work.

    Normally, in the body of the report, one may put the equations used and the results. The detailed equations would go in an appendix.

    If there is some critical derivation, approximation, or some new equation, that could be put into the body of the report with an explanation of the steps/assumptions.
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