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Scientific software demands. Developer career ways.

  1. Feb 16, 2013 #1
    Hello all!
    What do you think, which of the scientific areas has strong unsatisfied demands in small software products, to be able developed by one person?

    Below some thoughts about software market, and searching for skills proper application:

    There is one property of software market differing it from other markets.
    It's about fast demand satisfaction. Which is very sad for developers.
    If one build a house and sold this, another one can do the same.
    If one wrote a programm and sold this, another one has to do something new.

    In the beginning, many self-motivated persons got rich by making their software products from the scratch.
    In time it's getting harder and harder to develop something valuable.

    Many small and mid-sized software companies prefer to specialize in outsourcing, instead of making their own products.

    Thus I see the 3 general ways for software engineer career:

    1. Career in the big company.
    Successfull career in the big company mainly is not about skills and talents.
    It's more about corporative processes, human-relations, code-styling, and so on.
    Career in the small outsource company mainly has the same meaning, even worse, while goal is not the result, but client delusion.
    I've enough of this. All this overhead takes dozens of times more time, than development of product itself.

    2. Switching to the arts area software.
    In example, casual games still has a market in spite of modern desktop games.
    It's only value is it's originality of any type. Development skills is minor there, unlike marketing and arts.

    3. High specialization.
    There are still highly specialized areas demands not covered with software.
    Product functionality is main issue and development skills are still major here, I hope.
    One just have to decide, which area will he get specialized for.

    I would like, if have a choice, to get specialized in physics area, which I was always interested in.

    What do you think, does it have any meaning?
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