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Scientific style

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    I would like to know what are the software tools most used to:

    -write scientific papers;
    -do graphics;
    -do statistical analysis.

    At the moment, I'm using LaTex to write my scientific papers, and R to make some graphics... What do you think about these?
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    matt grime

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    R is a (good, apparently; I don't know about these things) stats package, too.

    (Almost) Everyone uses LaTeX to prepare papers. Dunno about the rest: what kind of graphics do you mean? Graphs, as in y=f(x)? Graphs as in vertices and edges?
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    Yeah - LaTeX.

    I use the Elsevier style file elsart.cls in all my notes too.

    Graphics: produced as eps (close to the final print size), then labels added using the picture environment in LaTeX - you can also use the program 'sketch' to do this.
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    Matlab and LaTeX are very, very popular...

    though there are a lot of people who decide to do it in MS word. I wrote two conference papers in MS words and I will never, ever use MS word ever again after that.

    When submitting to conferences/journals with specific formatting requirements it's nearly impossible to do it correctly in word, wheras it's easy as pie in latex, especially if a latex style file is given.
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    For engineering, MATLAB is a very big help for writing papers.
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