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  1. This may be the wrong place to put this thread, but it appeared to be the best option. Does anyone know of an easier way to set up physics equations online other then finding the keystroke or inserting a symbol? It's a pain to hold ALT on my mac and hit every key trying to find an integral symbol or a delta. Did everyone else just memorize where they are or is there an easier way? Thanks in advance!
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    You could either use the character pallete, and select the symbol from there, or open the keyboard viewer so that when you hit alt it shows which keys are for which symbol.
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    Hi MikeBeer! :smile:

    You can copy-and-paste from my and Redbelly's lists (see below).

    Alternatively, if you have OSX, click on the flag in the menu bar (next to the clock) for the Keyboard Viewer, or with OS9, click the apple and select "Keyboard". :wink:
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