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Scientific Testing Apparatus

  1. Apr 7, 2009 #1
    i am looking to build my own testing apparatus to do some crude thermal conductivity test experiments on various motor oils.

    1. anyone have any links to such methods or apparatus?
    2. how does one take into account fluid convection while trying to determine the TC of a fluid?

    my initial idea is to take a length of PVC pipe, glue cap on bottom which will house a thermal couple probe. top cap is removeable and will house a power resistor mounted to a 1/8" thick aluminum disc (heat sink). fill tube to a internal marking and then affix top cap (the heat sink will stick down some so it is fully immerged in the oil). some silicone grease will be applied to the top-outer portion of the tube so when top cap goes on the grease forms a seal etc. whole thing wrapped with some form of insulation.

    the experimental data collected would be:
    start temp
    and temp vs. time

    does this sound like a valid experiment?
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