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Scientist/Engineers have to be socially unadapted? Wow but i like women to xD

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    Well personally i like girls, and i like them a lot and i also like math and physics and want to become a Electrical Engineer. I dont why the media portraits as if you are smart in sicience you must be dumb in social relationships. For me life is about finding balance so why cant you be balanced in that to?, comon military careers make you be in boot camp, construction workers work like 12 hours and also other kind of workers.

    Wow i like science but i also like women!!! and i wana go for both!!

    So what you think?
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    Keep laying pipe.
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    I think that you shouldn't reveal to your women, that they are on an equal par with science. :rofl:
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    Well mister WW2 famous general image dude xD well my english is not so good but i think that is kinda funy?
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    Well amazing point there, lets say that i am doing a sacrifice for this topic to be in the public debate xD
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    I think socially awkward people go into sciences thinking they can cloister themselves from the world and not have to talk to people. So it's not a matter of the field making people socially strange, it's socially strange people going into the field!
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    Good point men. Poor dudes dont know that they are in part wasting their lives and make bad name to fun science dudes and dudas xD
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    Let them know that. You'll go far
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    Well maybe everyone has to finds its way out of missery
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    Quoting because this made my day.
  12. Jul 18, 2010 #11
    Sorry for my ignorance but what means "laying the pipe" i think is something like keep f.....ordcompany?
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    I think it's not a matter of the field making people socially strange.
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    I think these types of threads are utterly stupid. Not to bash you OP, but we get this all the time.

    But seriously reread the OP and consider from an objective viewpoint how uncorrelated things are, and therefore how pointless this thread is. There is nothing in the 'scientists rule book' that says you have to not like girls, and if you do you can't become a scientist.

    "I'm a scientist, but I like girls"
    "I'm a builder, but I like books"
    "I'm a cage fighting champion, but I enjoy flower pressing"

    What you like has nothing at all to do with academic/employment pursuits.

    If your point was specifically about the media, they are portraying a stereotype, they KNOW they are portraying a stereotype. So why post a thread about it on the internet.

    It's only the same as portraying anyone who sails on a boat as a homosexual in bell bottomed trousers singing a popular village people song. everyone KNOWS thats a ridiculous stereotype so noone goes on navy forums making a fuss.
  15. Jul 19, 2010 #14
    Haha, again I like the Chrisxx post, "So what do you think?"...Who gives a flying f**k what I think bud "What do YOU think?" you like girls, well then do em. Study, take your exam, go to a party, hit on some girls, see what happens
  16. Jul 19, 2010 #15
    Ignore the steriotypes. If you can talk to girls they probably won't stop talking to you if you are likable and then find out you are an electrical engineer. I can just see it now. She's thinking to herself "I like him, but he is too smart. He might even be succesful in the future. Better brake it off now... If only he had said that he delivered pizza."
  17. Jul 19, 2010 #16
    I don't believe the field turns you into the stereotype, rather the field is populated with some measure of the stereotype. As in all things with the opposite sex, be a decent man, make friends, and have a good time when it moves beyond friendship. If you have trouble with that, it's not the fault of engineering, and if you're a stud, it's not a credit to engineering.

    I would add, pipe-laying aside, in any male-dominated field it's important to remember that taking the advice from other men in the field exclusively can lead to a skewed view. For instance, aside from the joys of laying that pipe (and it is excellent), there is also the notion of an actual relationship; just keep friends outside of the field you're in. DO NOT BECOME A MONK OF YOUR FIELD.
  18. Jul 20, 2010 #17
    hey dude, dont be so bad shoot, its just a thread and i think randomness and stupidty have its place. You aregumented well but you sound pissed unnecessary.
  19. Jul 20, 2010 #18
    hahaha good one there.
  20. Jul 20, 2010 #19
    Thanks a lot for the advice =)
  21. Jul 20, 2010 #20
    I think that part of this stereotype comes from the general populations disinterest in science and math subjects. Your average joe off the street probably hates math, for the most part. So anyone who actually enjoys math or science is cast apart from mainstream society and classified as a geek or nerd or whatnot and given these associations.

    It's just a stereotype and it doesn't mean anything. Whatever gives you enjoyment in life is up to you. Don't let stereotypes get in the way of that. You don't have to fit into just one category.
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