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if scientists are good at analyzing situtations, why aren't their EQ neccesary all that great?


If you mean IQ, then it's because IQ is worthless and the tests are flawed.

The reference to EQ is probably referring to an "Emotional Quotient."

Science isn't really a subjective field like the humanities, so it doesn't really need to consider the emotional factor as much as objective rationalization is needed in scientific endeavours. One can be a chemist/physicist/mathematician and careless about emotions, as it isn't pertinent to their work in general; that coupled with (generally) the scientific nature to be overtly logical and practical.

Adding to that... theoretically scientists could then function in their pursuit of science if they were overly Spockish and had no emotion whatsoever, but then the scientists wouldn't have wives/husbands. :rolleyes:
haha... that's true~

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