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Scientists had been able to teleport a photon from one side of a room to another

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    I heared a while ago that scientists had been able to teleport a photon from one side of a room to another or something. Can anyone give me more info on this.

    Also have there been any more developments in this area since then and how long do you think it will be before we can do the same to macroscopic objects because I think sending letters by teleportation sound quite cool.

    P.S. Maybe teleportation is the wrong word, i'm not sure but anyway I hope you know the thing that I am talking about.
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    Not quite...

    Not quite. As far as I remmeber they only transmitted the quantum state of one photon to another. We are still far from teleportation fo actual particles, let alone macroscopic objects. But yes, it is called quantum teleportaion.

    This depends on a funny phenomenon called quantum entanglement. Basically if two particles are in an entangled state, then information can be passed from one to the other.

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    Re: Not quite...

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    Just registered again for the new forums.

    There's the scenario of tunneling, where a particle can tunnel through an object, but it probability is extraordinarily low for a body of particles to tunnel to the same position at the same time, but it has been recorded of occuring.

    Another scenario is encoding information onto photons. But that isn't immediate teleportation.

    But not to forget, there was an experiment, where two electrons from a single shell/orbital were taken. Any two electrons in an orbital have opposite spin. They took the electrons and seperated them from any means of "communication." They then reversed the spin of one electron, and immediately the other electron reversed it's spin. The experiment was then done again with much greater seperation, and it was recorded that there was no recordeable difference from the point one was reversed and the other did so.

    Supposedly these electrons "communicate" somehow. If we can transport information in the same manner we can teleport information that surpasses time itself.
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    Could you cite these amazing experiments for us? Especially the one about reversing the spin of one electron causing the entangled pair to have an opposite spin instantaneously. As far as I've read, one can only discover the properties of the entangled pairs and not manipulate them.

    I'm a believer in Einstein's hidden variables really. Schrodinger's Cat is either dead or alive and not in a superposition. The universe is not schizophrenic.
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    http://solvayins.ulb.ac.be/fixed/22SolvayPhys.html [Broken] There's one of the conferences on it.

    According to that, they used a photon that then split into half photons to entangle two particles.

    http://www3.ocn.ne.jp/~tttabata/pnu.htm [Broken]

    The first article that I read about is no longer up. I'll see if I can find some more specific ones later... it's too early now. [zz)]
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