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Scientists need out-of-body experiences

  1. Aug 26, 2005 #1
    Scientists need out-of-body experiences
    Anna Salleh
    ABC Science Online
    Friday, 26 August*2005*

    David Wilde, of the University of Manchester, and team are testing OBE theories ("might reflect a psychological problem with your body image") using a new online survey.

    In response:

    "An Australian expert in the history and philosophy of psychology and psychiatry, Dr Hans Pols of the University of Sydney, says:

    "It's a very typical clinical psychology approach that tries to correlate out-of-body experiences with a known clinical phenomenon," says Pols.
    Pols says parapsychologists, such as those at Duke University in the US, say they can prove OBEs are objective phenomena but their experiments do not convince the sceptics."

    "Pols also believes there is a degree of "circular thinking" in the questionnaires psychologists use to study OBEs, which assume that belief in the supernatural is
    evidence of a pathology.
    This inevitably leads psychologists to diagnose people who have supernatural experiences as being unwell, he says."

    Having experienced this a number of times many,many years ago- i thought i was crazy,
    had never heard of this before,even in psychology course-so i'm with Pols....

    The "body image" theory is way off-may as well say the same about the 'abduction experience'.

    Yet it seems these 'events' are psychologicaly 'related'.

    There have been attempts to monitor the 'experiencers' 24 hrs using video cameras-
    nothing yet!
    but how can a physical body go through walls as reported?

    I'm reminded of Paul's experience of 'being transported to 7th Heaven'; he wrote that he honestly didn't know if he'd gone there in the physical body or not. Doesn't this lead us
    into similiarities with 'mystical/religious' experiences?

    It's not simply a question of 'body image', but a fundamental body/mind connection.

    ((i'm thinking too much! better get back to the grill...BBQ tonight!
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