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Scientists teleported a laser beam

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    A while ago a group of scientists teleported a laser beam from one area to another, proving that this is possible yes? If I remember rightly the problem with teleporting a human is that while the physical self would be transported, the mind would not be, leaving you with a physically fully mature adult with the mind of a newborn infant. Now, this begins to broach into biology here but I'll continue. As I understand it, when a person learns something the brain forms new neural connection between cells. If this is right then every experience and every piece of knowledge would be configured in a certain way. This cell arrangement would be unique in every person as everyone has different experiences and thoughts. So surely when teleporting a person, the cell arrangement would be transported too, leaving the person with all their memories. This is just a thought I came up with so please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks.
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    The popular press has a tendency to hype scientific discoveries. The use of the word "teleport" is misleading. There is no known way to move matter from place to place instantaneously, and there is no prospect of any.

    A laser operates using light, which has some different rules applying than matter. While it is interesting to imagine that there is a way to move something from point A to point B faster than the speed of light, at this point there has never been any experiment that can move a bit of information faster than light. Without that, there is no meaningful teleportation.

    I believe the experiment you are referring to involves "teleporting" a quantum state, which is something quite different. Because of the use of the word "teleport", it tends to draw up visions of Star Trek right around the corner. This image is not accurate.
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