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    Umm... Whats the relations between PF and Sciforum? friendly gathering or foes? or just another interesting place to view some thoughts...
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    How strange it is to see our very learned and well respected Canute asking beginner buddhist question on that forum and saying "name calling......suits you", and there are references to Zero and The Professional as well :eek: .
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    Just another science forum. I think they've been around a hare longer than we have, but they haven't done any software switches which is why their membership seems higher.

    They also don't moderate posts for content or behaviour as much as we do here, so they've got many more resident crackpots and flamewars.

    I think Greg has had a few conversations with their webmaster about various topics, and he's friendly AFAIK.
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    Really, what part. I hope It's not something bad.
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    Th main difference is a complete lack of moderation there. It's much like usenet.
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    jimmy p

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    tch inferior. There is no general discussion forum there.
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    From the numbers I see Religion and World events riddled with much more posts than any science related discussion... I think they assume General discussion to be "Free thought" which occupies their 107,195 topics...
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    They are out to get us..... *looks about nervously*

    Lets pillage and plunder their forum and steal their members for the glory of Physics Forums! :devil:
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    Or to the detriment of PF?!
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    jimmy p

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    Something like that. That could be our warcry. I got my plundering sack and pillaging axe ready!! And my tin hat. Time to go a-viking!!
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