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Scissor lift hydraulics

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    Hello! I have a scissor lift which was bought from Pentalift in 2002. It's been working perfectly until last week. Last week when I tried to lift it with 3 people on it, it didn't go up entirely. We used to lift up to 6 people on it, but now it's not lifting more than 2 people. I think it may require a major service, but I am trying to diagnose the issue myself. I am not very experienced with hydraulics, but would like to find out more about it. Where should I start looking? Does the DIY check up require something that only experts can deal with? If then will skip it.
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    I'm taking a guess here: If your oil reservoir is topped off, its possible there might be a leak in the seal of the piston, in which case, you might need to replace the faulty cylinder.
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    You should have it serviced by a qualified service person. What is the service plan published by the Manufacturer? This involves life safety, so it's not something you should be trying to do on your own based on advice off the Internet. Thread is closed.
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