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Scotland vs Netherlands soccer match win

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    Whohoooo! We won with 0-6 (soccer) and are going to the European Championships next year!!!!!!! It was fun though, today I came from work and whole Amsterdam was taken over by skirt-wearing loud-singing males

    (the fact that I am happy is because we had to win with two goals in order to qualify, and did it with 6.. I guess the Scotts like us)
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    Ha Ha Ha.

    Well done Holland!!!!

    (From Adrian in England)
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    See you in Portugal!
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    Yea that will be cool, do you remember Euro 96?
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    Congrates! Holland!

    But Bangladesh don't play such football...and so I am the supporter of 1) Spain 2) France!

    I think any one of them may win the cup :)
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    a lucky result for the flatlanders, OK some skill helped
    but watch out the tide is rising, anyone for relocation
    to the highlands?
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    What? Warwickshire!
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    Ja Proficiat Monique ... dat heb jij weer knap gedaan.
    (Yah, Congratulation Monique ... you did it again!)

    Since Belgium is out I am (suddenly) a super fan of Holland. I hope 'we' will win! Hup Holland hup

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    jimmy p

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    Oh yes i made sure i watched THAT match. Netherlands are my 2nd favourite team (seeing as Gibraltar's team is a Sunday League semi-pro team!).

    Anything to watch those Jock B*st*rds lose spectacularily!
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