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Scouting policy?

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    say if i asked a member or two from this site to help me work on a student project (not homework) would anyone have any objections?
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    If you post in the homework forum, then we will be able to help. Please note, however, we cannot do your work for you, and you must show your efforts/thoughts before we can help.

    Welcome to PF!
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    No, I can't see there being any objections (Although I can't really say, perhaps a moderator will be able to say for sure), but I am pretty sure it will be fine. Anyways, I am interested in what you have to say so hurry on to the homework help forum before I have to go! lol.

    Edit, and yes, welcome to PF :-)
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    ok, as a side note what do members here do to protect against ip thieft?
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    IP theft? Could you elaborate?

    I know what an IP address is, I know what theft is, but I don't see the connection when it comes to an online forum type enviroment.
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    Everything posted here should be considered in the public domain, unless it is already protected by a dated provisional patent application.

    If you find someone on PF who wants to work with you on a project outside of PF, that obviously does not concern us. Just don't violate our guidelines while you're "scouting" -- in other words, don't ask people to do your homework for you, don't offer money, and don't use PF as a bulletin board to carry on private communications.

    Of course, you'd also have to make sure you don't violate your school's honor code, and (normally) getting outside help is such a violation. If you get kicked out of school, though, it'll be no one's fault but your own.

    - Warren
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    IP = intellectual property?
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    *clicks on light_bulb's profile*

    *See's "Creating thread "Chemical and Material Engineering" *

    Yea... I won't be able to help. :(

    Anyways, good luck with whatever it is you are doing, and I suggest you take Chroot's advice with the honor code issue if it applies. (I didn't think of it/know about it).
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    Oh, true enough. :-)
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