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Screen Shield?

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    Does anyone here use an extra screen to shield their monitor?

    How well does it work? Would you recommand buying it? I currently have a plastic covering that came with the monitor to cover the screen which reduces the intensity somewhat but not by much. I can feel the difference with and without it and thinks its much better with it as there is less glaring.
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    I have a problem with the glaring too. It really bothers my eyes. I've even tried that "anti-glaring" coating they put on eye glasses, but that didnt really help. For me, those eye-savers as I call them, really helps.
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    Just recently I put one over my monitor. It does make looking at the monitor for long durations easy on the eyes. I remove it only when I need to edit images and things like that.
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    Set your monitor's color temperature to "cool," increase the refresh rate, lower the brightness, increase the contrast, and you'll be ok. :)
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    I have done the latter two. Minimum brightness, maximum contrast. How do I set the temperture to cool and increase the refresh rate?

    What does high contrast imply?
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