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News Screwed up? i think so

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    jimmy p

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    OK get this.... with all these new countries joining the EU, my dad has noticed lots of coaches arriving in London with Eastern Bloc citizens looking for work. I dont mind that. What I dont like is the fact that the BRITISH government will have to pay the tuition fees for the students that come to learn here.

    However Gibraltar, a British DEPENDENT state, sends students to Britain because there is no university in Gib. The Gibraltar government has to fork out the money for tuition fees for these students. They pay £6000 a year for my cousin to study here.

    Gibraltar generates quite a bit of money for itself due to tourism and suchlike, but for 100 students to study in Britain....£600,000 A YEAR!!! That is a lot of money for a 30,000 population 2.5 x 2 mile piece of rock. And they probably send out more than 100 students.

    Why dont these countries have to pay for their own students?
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    I most heartily agree, jimmy, despite the fact that I live very far away from Europe. My opinion doesn't matter, but for what it's worth (none) I think you're right.
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    Welcome to Socialism 101. In California, criminals (illegal aliens) pay the same tuition as California residents to attend a California university or State college. Out-of-state U.S. citizens attending these schools shells out tuitions approximately 4 times that of the criminals, oops, did it again (illegal aliens) oops, did it again (undocumented aliens)
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    I'm sure I fall in place with all of you on my opinions of this.
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    This statement is just dumb. The "illegal aliens" are residents of California and pay state taxes. US citizens from other states are of course not California residents and don't pay state taxes. Get it?
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    Math Is Hard

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    Are you saying that illegal immigrants are filing tax returns? What percentage? Seriously, if you have numbers on that I'd be interested to know.
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    I don't think illegal aliens are filing tax returns or paying tuition to universities, but I could be wrong.

    To my knowledge, illegal aliens are paid cash "under the table" and pay no taxes. I guess there may be some exceptions to this, but since an illegal alien would have no social security number, I wonder how taxes would be withheld.
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    jimmy p

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    This is disgraceful. It should be up to the countries to pay for their students education. And if they cant/wont then the University or government should decide whether they should accept the foreign student.
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    Uh, forgive me for not understanding the British education system (maybe you could help with a link :wink:) but if the people form the Eastern bloc countries come in to study - won't they need international permits and the like to study? Or is it that the EU rules have done away with this? COuld you please clarify this? thanks!
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