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Screwy MS Explorer!

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    How does one go about fixing the instalation of MS Explorer? Everytime I A log on and bring it up the home page it goes to is C:\WINDOWS\system32\msblank.html and not to the page I set up for a home page.

    Confused and tired Pete :confused: :zzz:
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    I think you're referring to the MS Internet Explorer web browser which is not the same as MS Explorer. What you are describing sounds like a problem with a proxy. Are you using one and do you have IEs proxy settings specified correctly?

    Of course, it's possible your pc has been infected by some nasty bug that has hijacked your homepage.
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    I have no idea.
    Figures. That'd be just my luck so you're probably right.

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    I would get lavasoft's adaware as well as spybot search and destroy .. spyware often pushes people to pages just to make them think they have a problem.. then a popup promises to fix the problem the spyware causes.. people pay to 'fix' it.. and all that happens is the spyware no longer causes that problem.. causes a different one and tosses up a different ad. I really wouldn't use IE for internet unless you have to.
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    theres a great little tool to recover from this called hijackthis available Here with a tutorial HERE.
    alternativly download and run hijackthis and head over to http://castlecops.com/ and post you log file. someone there will tell you what is safe to delete. Plus maybe you should consider using firefox
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    I agree with dmail. Go for firefox. But if you are careful, you can search you Registry and fix it manually.
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