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Sdl on suse with kdevelop

  1. Oct 10, 2005 #1
    Im new to developing on nix and im trying to make a cross platform game using sdl., i set up sdl using the dev rpm but im getting an error when trying to compile
    libtool: link: cannot find the library `/usr/local/lib/libstdc++.la'

    this file is in /usr/lib/ which i would assume the the defaullt directory?

    i have tried adding
    sdl_test_2_LDFLAGS = $(all_libraries) -l/usr/lib -l/usr/lib/GL
    (where sdl_test_2 is the apps name)
    to the makefile but it still cant find it. any help would be appriacted, if you need more details i will post.
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    Here is a guide:

    http://gpwiki.org/index.php/C:How_to_set_up_your_SDL_Build_Environment#Linux:_KDevelop [Broken]

    It might also be that your missing some dependences, but try following the guide first and then come back if it doesn't work out.
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  4. Oct 10, 2005 #3
    thanks for the link dduardo from what i read of this forum so far, it was you i was looking a reply from ':) cheers
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  5. Oct 10, 2005 #4
    hmm still no joy.
    i dont understand it(mind you theres plenty of visual studio errors i dont get), coz you can see the directory /usr/lib in included as a path?

    i have even tried #pragma comment (lib,"/usr/lib/libstdc++.la") to no avail

    linker output:
    cd '/home/dmail/projects/sdl_test_03/debug' && WANT_AUTOCONF_2_5="1" WANT_AUTOMAKE_1_6="1" gmake -k
    gmake all-recursive
    gmake[1]: Entering directory `/home/dmail/projects/sdl_test_03/debug'
    Making all in src
    gmake[2]: Entering directory `/home/dmail/projects/sdl_test_03/debug/src'
    cd /home/dmail/projects/sdl_test_03 && /bin/sh /home/dmail/projects/sdl_test_03/missing --run automake-1.9 --gnu src/Makefile
    cd .. && /bin/sh ./config.status src/Makefile depfiles
    config.status: creating src/Makefile
    config.status: executing depfiles commands
    gmake[2]: Leaving directory `/home/dmail/projects/sdl_test_03/debug/src'
    gmake[2]: Entering directory `/home/dmail/projects/sdl_test_03/debug/src'
    /bin/sh ../libtool --tag=CXX --mode=link g++ -O0 -g3 -lSDL_mixer -o sdl_test_03 -R/usr/lib /usr/lib/ sdl_test_03.o -L/usr/lib -Wl,-rpath,/usr/lib -lSDL -lpthread
    libtool: link: cannot find the library `/usr/local/lib/libstdc++.la'
    gmake[2]: *** [sdl_test_03] Error 1
    gmake[2]: Target `all' not remade because of errors.
    gmake[2]: Leaving directory `/home/dmail/projects/sdl_test_03/debug/src'
    gmake[2]: Entering directory `/home/dmail/projects/sdl_test_03/debug'
    gmake[2]: Leaving directory `/home/dmail/projects/sdl_test_03/debug'
    gmake[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
    gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/dmail/projects/sdl_test_03/debug'
    gmake: *** [all] Error 2
    *** Exited with status: 2 ***
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  6. Oct 10, 2005 #5


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    This rpm package has libstdc++.la as one of the libs it installs.
  7. Oct 10, 2005 #6
    i have the lib, but its in the what i would have thought the default file /usr/lib/

    due to advice i have since
    edited d.so.conf and added /usr/lib before /usr/local/lib . then, run ldconfig as root (although i dont know if this did anything?)with no parameters.
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  8. Oct 16, 2005 #7
    ok i couldnt find anybody who could give me a reason or a method of fixing this error so i reinstalled the whole os (drastic i know) and this get rid of that error :)
    but this means i now get another error :(
    i have no prob compiling a simple c++ app, but when i try and compile an sdl app this is the error:
    the full output is
    does anybody know how i can compile an sdl app without getting errors(regretably windows has no probs :( )
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  9. Oct 17, 2005 #8
    finally got sdl to work after installing slang-devel. ;)
  10. Oct 23, 2005 #9
    I am glad I stumbled on this thread. I had tried to compile some basic SDL programs using KDevelop for a couple of weeks without any luck. I had the same error "/usr/lib/gcc-lib/i586-suse-linux/3.3.5/../../../../i586-suse-linux/bin/ld: cannot find -lslang" and had given up on it because I could get it to work using the command line with g++ using the -lSDL flag. I just downloaded the slang-devel package and now it works with KDevelop. I had always thought that KDevelop was just a frontend for gcc/g++.
    Thank you very much for the information.
    Eric :smile:
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