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Sea fish and sea

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    juz wondering...in the sea water is salty so water leave the fish by osmosis rite?
    wat about fish at the very deep..wont the pressure force the water into the fish causing them to die?
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    I don't think so , the shape deep sea fish are allows them to live in that area , also , I don't see any reason for deep sea fish to die ?!
    Can you explain your point of view please.
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    Evil (nice username) raises some very interesting questions.

    In general, salt water fish are either water tight, or that their cells are more concentrated solutions than their fresh water counterparts, so their cells do not end up being dessicated.

    Deep water fish are pressurised. Because the internal pressure of the fish is the same as the external pressure, they are not crushed by the water outside. An interesting point to note that many deep water organisms "burst" when brought up too rapidly from the depths - the pressure difference becomes so big they literally explode.

    At least, that's what I remember reading on this.
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    so wat generate the great pressure within the fish?
    deep Sea has a very great pressure and does the shape of the fish help in any way?
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    yes, their bodies are meant to withstand tons of pounds per square inch and also i believe they have a system of equalizing their pressure to that of the outside pressure. (like a scuba diver does by blowing hard on his nose while pinching it closed)
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    that's the same as asking how do you generate a pressure of aprox. 101000 (N/m^2) inside your body...
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