Sealing dry-ice

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Ok lets see... what would happen if i completely sealed up a box with a block of CO2 in it (with room to evaporate).

My hypothesis is I create an incredibly dangerous pressurized box ready to kill someone. Am I right?


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How much room?

Kill? Maybe. Maim? Little more likely. Scare the whey out of somebody? You betcha.

Some idiot pulled a similar stunt at a science fair at one of the local schools around ten years ago --- dry ice in Mom's pressure cooker. The table it was sitting under jumped a couple feet in the air --- the people in the room with it did likewise.


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Basically a mini-fridge hehe.
I saw a demonstration once. Fellow put some liquid nitrogen in a plastic pop bottle ( 2 liter). Then he tossed it into a barrel full of room temperature water. Run away! Run away! Where's my umbrella?

Never tried it with dry ice, hmmm.

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