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News Sean Hannity may soon be dead.

  1. Jul 19, 2004 #1
    Today I was listening to the Sean Hannity show (becuase the phoenomena around him intrigues me greatly), and he was talking about going to Boston to cover the DNC. He went on for about 5 minutes about how he loves clam chowder, then said he would walk around the floor of the DNC with a portable tape recorder and talk to the people there and insight them into saying ridiculous things, then use them on his show. That will obviously produce alot of great clips he can use to show how liberals are crazy, but then he said something that made me think he was just insane. He said when teh RNC comes to NYC that he would go to where all the protesters were and do the same thing, and he said that the protesters are the real nuts, and that this would produce particularly great soundclips. I honestly can't imagine some drunken left-wing nutjob won't throw a rock at his head or something.
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  3. Jul 19, 2004 #2
    Tsk, tsk. Such VIOLENCE.
  4. Jul 20, 2004 #3
    F'sho, drunken people tend not to do well when people they hate try to antagonize them. I'm sure Al Franken would fare no better in a situation where there are alot of drunk right-wing nuts and he's trying to get them to say ridiculous thing by antagonizing him.
  5. Jul 20, 2004 #4
    I have an idea: Let's let Sean Hannity worry about it. He doesn't spend all night worrying about me, so I'm not going to spend all night worrying about him.
  6. Jul 21, 2004 #5
    Don't worry - Arnies going with him.
  7. Jul 21, 2004 #6
    He doesn't need Arnie. After all, what is the worst thing they can do to him? Strangle him with their Rasta beads? Throw their Birkenstocks at him? Hit him with Granola? I think Sean will be just fine.
  8. Jul 22, 2004 #7
    Ja, liberals are 'girlie men'. Bi_ ch slap Alan Colmes for me Hannity.
  9. Jul 22, 2004 #8


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    Uhh. I think I despise Colmes more than Hannity. If there's anything worse than a close-minded, pathologically dishonest conservative it is liberals like Colmes who make a living by "losing" to them in debates. Fox has a whole batch of them commonly referred to as "The Washington Generals". That was the team the Globetrotters used to play everytime. They made their living as paid patsies. Colmes should be arrested and charged with prostitution.

  10. Jul 22, 2004 #9
    God I hope so.
  11. Jul 22, 2004 #10
    Wow, that's pretty revolting. Maybe you want to take that one back?
  12. Jul 22, 2004 #11
    No, not at all. I'm not hoping for anything fatal or anything that would cause lasting damage, but I do think a good whack in the head is in order.
  13. Jul 22, 2004 #12
    Can't respect that.
  14. Jul 22, 2004 #13


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    But you CAN respect Hannity ???
  15. Jul 22, 2004 #14


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    I agree with Njorl - Colmes is a pathetic excuse for a co-host. All he's good for is announcing commercial breaks ! Still, I would not like to see him arrested just to have him replaced.
  16. Jul 22, 2004 #15
    I don't care, because:

    1. I was making a joke.
    2. I was showing conservatives on the board how nasty, illogical, and berift of any serious content their "political discourses" are. Consider some of the remarks made in this thread:

    Isn't this phrase redundant in Hannityland? I though all left-wingers were neccessarily nutjobs.

    Quoth the Terminator. Go Arnold! Go Rambo, too!

    No limp-wristed sissies will be able to beat up big bad Sean.

    Or better yet, get an Abu Graib rape squad - isn't that the way things are done today?

    America used to be a such a great country...
  17. Jul 22, 2004 #16
    I don't think any of us have advocated violence, joke or no joke.

    By declaring that you wanted to see Hannity get assaulted at the convention? My, you have a strange way of making your case.
  18. Jul 22, 2004 #17
    By the way, Rick, even though the conservatives disagree with you, I am sure we all like you. You do like us too, don't you Rick? I mean, just because we differ in politics doesn't mean we can't be friends, right Rick?
  19. Jul 23, 2004 #18
    Of course, but I think you guys need to cool it with the name calling. It is very childish.
  20. Jul 23, 2004 #19


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    God, I love politics.
  21. Jul 23, 2004 #20


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    I'd like to see "Hannity and Maher" !! :wink:
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