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Search coil INSIDE a solenoid

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    if we were to insert a search coil inside a solenoid, (plane of coil perpendicular to B), would the induced current change direction in the middle of the solenoid ? it would have to wouldnt it since it would now be approching the opposite pole ---
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    What exactly do you mean? Can you be more specific here? What is search coil? Induced currents where? In the middle of solenoid? There is no current in the middle of solenoid.
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    sorry for the delay,
    what i am trying to ask is basically this;
    imagine a solenoid , with a current running through, creating a magnetic field basically like that of a bar magnet.
    now if we were to take another coil( a smaller one) and move that coil through the solenoid, how would emf vary throughout that motion.
    would it increase gradually as the coil cam closer to the solenoid and then hold a constant value whilst it is inside and then slowly taper off one it is out the other side of the solenoid. i am assuming this since the magnetic feild inside the solenoid is uniform ...
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