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Search facility of arxiv

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    In a completely different thread:
    :yuck: Incidently my current job involves customizing and deploying search engines in large companies. Funny you mention the search facility of arxiv which is probably one of the worst I can think of. Pasting the article title into the title search field and getting an empty result is bad. Not getting the search form back for refinement on top of the results is abysmal. Yeah, I forgot to change the years to search, but that's what users do:grumpy::wink:o:)

    Which is not to say that arxiv is not a great idea. I guess it is just a problem of finding someone to polish the search. The current trend seems to be to provide less pre search query acrobatic in favor of post search navigators (aka drill-downs) populated by meta data that is actually available in the search results. Makes life a lot easier for the user but needs a search engine that is able to populate the navigators.

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    I have more luck using google on it. I wonder if there's a way to ring them up & work with them for a custom engine.
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    It is useless to improve this search feature for arXiv. If you are searching a specific article, you know its number. If you are browsing it randomely, you enter just a few keywords, in which case it works. It is a wonderful tool and I never heard anybody complain about it.
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    This is true, you did not hear my complaints, you just read them.:wink:

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    I mean from people who really use it for professional use. :biggrin:
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    i just use google and limit the search to documents on arxiv.com. It is odd that the search function on arxiv is so terrible though.
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