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Search for a phrase?

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    How do I search for a phrase like "Principles of Relativity Physics" rather than it being interpretd as a number of keywords?

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    Just as you have done. Put '' '' marks to indicate a phrase.
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    "principles of relativity physics" returns results without the phrase in it.
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    Really? I just typed in "principles of relativity physics" (with the quotes) and the first 4 pages were all entries with only the phrase "principles of relativity physics" in it.

    Are you using Google? (though it shouldn't matter, quotes are the standard operator for this).
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    Inferior search engines like MS Live (now rebranded 'Bing') will not always return pages that match the exact phrase even when quote marks are used.

    Also, when searching for an exact phrase it helps to choose one which conforms to standard grammar conventions in that language. In the phrase:

    "Principles of Relativity Physics"

    The word "relativity" is incorrectly used as an adjective, while in english this word always is a noun. One correction could be:

    "Principles of Relativistic Physics"
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    You can go to Google and use these for searching this site alone:
    Code (Text):
    "Principles of Relativity Physics" site:physicsforums.com
    Code (Text):
    "Principles of Relativistic Physics" site:physicsforums.com
    And also, this way you don't have to wait 60 secs after each search.
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    Hey thanks, that's a great tip. It works using Google to search physicsforums, but the search engine on physicsforums doesn't search the phrase for me.
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    The inbuilt search engine here at PF is pretty lousy; google is normally a lot better. Also note that Boolean searching is only available to gold members.
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