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Search for: ?

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    search for: ???

    okay, so in som posts, I'm seeing some words that are double underlines, and when I mouse over them, there's a little hover window and my window status says SEARCH FOR: (whatever was underlined)

    what is this?
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    Sounds like you've downloaded adware onto your computer. Do you have an adware blocker/remover? My ISP gives their users Spy Sweeper for free. I think it's really good.

    You can download a free trial (which I suggest if you don't have something).


    Here is the main website to download from.

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    Gotta stop surfing those porn sites in IE yomamma!!!!
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    yea, use firefox for that.
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    my brother totally messed up my laptop (wherever he went) caused my popup blobker to break down, and whatever sites they were, I got a ton of spyware. The popups downloaded more spyware, and I ended up having to re install windoes
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