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Search PF via Google

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    Regular PF search can sometimes be frustrating. Some people have resulted in using google search too find PF threads. To make this easier I've added a google search bar in the "Search" drop down that only searches within PF. enjoy!
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    Sweet! Thanks Greg.
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    Yay! that looks like a very nice feature. Google pulls up PF references a lot, but narrowing the scope to PF only should be quite helpful.
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    Wonderful!!!! Thanks Greg!!
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    Works good.

    I once tried to search for "Hawking Radiation" and I got every hit with either the word Hawking or Radiation. Now it works. I did not know there was a library database of this topic.
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    turbo, you can limit any Google search to a specific site by putting the name of the site at the end of your query like this:


    Nice to have it here though. Thanks, Greg!
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    Thanks, Borg. Too dumb to have figured that out, and I appreciate the guidance.
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    No worries. The day that I stop learning new stuff, I might as well be buried. :tongue:
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