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Search Tag Cloud

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    What is the purpose of the search tag cloud?

    I'm sure there is a subtlety to it that I must not fully grasp.
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    Clicking on a tag would bring up all the threads which are tagged with that keyword. Though it appears that the tag search doesn't search within the tag keywords eg. a search for "solid-state" would not bring up any threads tagged with "solid-state physics".

    At least this was how it behaved the last time I tried it.
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    The tag cloud presents the most frequently clicked tags. The size of the font increases with popularity. I think the cloud is really there to remind people that they can tag threads with relevant keywords to help with searching, since I think it would be more useful to use the tag search than the tag cloud. For a tag search, if you start typing in entries, it should auto-fill with existing tags matching your start letters, so that can assist you in figuring out what keyword to use.
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    OK. Thanks.

    Curiosity quenched.
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