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Searching for a graduate program in optics

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    Hello everyone,
    I'm entering my senior year of undergrad this fall so its about that time to find a grad school. My majors are physics (emphasizing in optics) and mathematics. I've done research for 2 years mainly in spectroscopy. I'm interested in finding a grad school for a PhD in Optics. My advisors push for Institute of Optics (Rochester), Optical Sciences Center (Arizona), Dayton, and CREOL. They are a bit biased towards these schools, so I'm trying to find an outside source but am having some difficulties knowing where to look for good info. Any suggestions of good schools would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks for your help!
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    You had very good advise so far. Without a doubt, U. of Rochester is one of, if not the best school for optics. Having Eastman-Kodak in the neighborhood and their research grant is a major factor here. And so is U. of Arizona. I don't know much about Dayton and CREOL. You also may want to look into U. of Iowa and Cornell.

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