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Searching for some equipment.

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    Hi everyone. I am an EE student (dual major in physics and EE) and I am considering investing in a decent protoboard, oscilloscope, and signal generator. I also would like a decent power supply that has 5V, 12V and 15V DC and I want a decent multimeter. This will mainly be for labs and whatnot, as I do not want to have to rely on the school's equipment for everything, and I may want to do some projects of my own. I feel that if I am going into EE as a career and I plan on going to grad school, having these tools will be very useful to me. I have a budget of only around $1500.....

    Preferably, the scope and signal generator will be rather portable. I do not need a screen on the scope. It will suffice to have just a USB connection to a computer. For the signal generator and scope I am considering something like this.


    Will this be what I want for general lab work and other mescellaneous projects?

    What about for the power supply, protoboard (maybe I could find a protoboard WITH a ps), and multimeter?
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    anyone have any advice?
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    power supply, check out some of these: http://mpja.com/powersupply.asp [Broken]

    a good bench power supply is worth paying a little extra for, but it's a waste to dump a lot of money on one.
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    I wouldn't bother with an oscilloscope with an input bandwidth of less than 60 MHz. Honestly, you're not going to be able to afford a decent scope for less than $1,500... that's just the way things are. Many schools have loan programs where you can borrow pieces of equipment like scopes for up to a week at a time... I'd suggest you look into that first before spending money on equipment that really isn't worth much beyond the hobbyist level.

    - Warren
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    You used to be able to pick up stuff like that on ebay pretty cheap, but that was before it became so popular. Now it's to easy to find the going rate for stuff, and people actually know what they have before they post it:cry: .
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