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Programs Searching PhD

  1. Mar 2, 2005 #1
    This is kashoo...i have done my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineerg in 2001...& nowadays doing Masters in Mechanical Design Engineering(Last semester) in evening in Pakistan.
    After my garduation ..I have worked for 1 year as a Development Engineer in Motorcycle Industry....& nowadays working in an R & D firm which works on LEO satellites...
    In this Firm i have engaged in Structure Design & Development Department for last 2 years or so...
    I have total work experience of almost 4 years in Design & development .

    As i m moving towards completion of Masters...so now i m loooking forward to get a PhD in any foreign country
    My hot areas of work are Static Analysis of Honeycomb Sandwich Panels, Dynamic Analysis(Modal, Harmonic ) of Honeycomb Sandwich Panels,Thermal Vacuum Testing of Honeycomb Sandwich Panels , Fabrication of Satellite Structure of Honeycomb Sandwich Panels etc.
    Please guide me from where i should apply to get effective response
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    Don't be upset if no one replied you.I am also facing same problem.Never type this much lump of data.Do it better next time.You please reply to my two threads,Nasa and Integrated MSc in Physics.I will be happy. bye :zzz:
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