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Searching university

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    plz if you may! im searching for a good university , if i could use the term "best" and i dont really know where to search so im writing in forums to get an answer ! i m 16 and i really need to know your oppinions! i live in greece and i know english and french!!so what would you suggest??:)
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    Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Caltech, Oxford, Cambridge
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    ooooo an answer!! so... thnx!! would i ask tour proffesion??
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    Nick summed up the cream of the crop. Columbia is also good, as is McGill and Penn State, to name a few. I would be inclined to look for one with ties to a good observatory. That opens up the choices.
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    thnx you too! u had helped me a lot!! ,im going to announse my choice later , for u to see it and give me your obsections(if u have)
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