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Stargazing SECCHI Image of object?

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    Saw this image of some object opening what looks like some shield to deflect or capture our Sun's energy? Not a hoax as this is captured on the HI2_SREM camera from the NAVY's SECCHI observatory. To see the image in motion click Duration: 09 days and set the HI2_SREM button and '20160823' for the date and play the video. Also see dates one month before and one month after to see the results of the video of the object in different trajectories captured. Can anyone explain what they are seeing here?


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    I don't think so... this explanation does not refute the trajectory and opening of what looks like some sort of shield. There are other dates back in 2012 where the object is seen as a disk and then the shield is opening and then closing as the object moves away... it is not reflections or some bright source as suggested here.

    Again... may I suggest you go through the various dates above and run the video playback to see the object as it moves though the medium of space while the planets of Venus and Mars are still in the frame of the playback sequences.
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    So NASA is incorrect and/or lying to us about it being an image artifact from internal reflections in the optics? I think not.

    I already ran through several months worth of images and the "object" behaves exactly as one would expect of an image artifact from internal reflections. It's motion is synced with the planet and always exactly opposite across the optical axis, exactly as reflections behave. The shield-like shape isn't even pointed at the Sun, but at the planet.

    You can believe what you'd like, but there is absolutely no evidence supporting the assertion that this is anything other than internal reflections from the optics.

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