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Second chance at life, or is it?

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    Is there afterlife? Or do things drop where you left off? I know different religions see this differently but I would ask you guys to reply as a person with his or her own believes, not including whatever your religion taught you unless you absolutey believe that that is true. :smile:
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    You phrase it so succintly Boulder....but yeah that is a certain way of looking at things...
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    Check my Finite space in infinite time-thread.
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    It certainly is an appealing idea - which would make me want to raise kids and lead a nice conventional stable life.

    I have to raise doubts as to why people believe it is true. People are biased towards this from upbringing and sheer desire to believe it to be true.
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    To whose post is yours a response, plus?
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    I was alluding to the origional question - why the idea of the afterlife is so popular.
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    I'm hoping when i die, i'm well, dead. Unable to think, unable to do anything ... if not i'm pretty screwed :(
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    That sounds painful

    Did you feel any younger afterwards?
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    Re: That sounds painful

    Yes, but when I looked in the mirror I looked older! Not easy to deal with! ...

    And yet, while I still feel younger (16 years later), I look even older!!?
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    Let's use a little of logic to analyse the situation.

    Death is absense (or end) of life, right? That is what we call death (definition of death).

    So, is there life in the absense of life? Nope.

    Just by definition.
  14. May 17, 2003 #13
    maybe there is a after life
    but it maynot be ruled by your christian god
    some aztec god may ask how many POW
    you killed for him to insure the sunrize!!

    or budda may ask what you deserve to go back as!!
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