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Homework Help: Second force problem

  1. Oct 1, 2012 #1
    Can somebody please check my work? Any and all help is certainly appreciated!

    F=ma is used

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    hi phunphysics2 ! :smile:

    your magnitude is correct, i'm not sure about your direction since i can't see which way you're measuring it :confused:

    (but you need to write it out much better than this if you're going to pass an exam :redface:)

    (and i don't understand how you managed to draw a diagram of this without any arrows in it)
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    Thanks for your response
    1. The box is accelerating COMPLETELY to the right. I did not draw in the arrow at 0 degrees but it is noted in the problem
    2. I used the standard xy plane for this problem. Origin is in the middle of the box and the arrow Q rests along the 90 degree mark.

    The box that I drew was given to us as a picture in the problem

    Is the vector notation correct?

    p.s. I am a 2nd year English major taking calc-engineering physics. Scored 5% higher than the average in class, which was a passing grade :wink:
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    hi phunphysics2! :smile:
    so j is up

    then your second force must have negative j :wink:
    you can either write everything in a continuous string of maths,

    or you can write it out as a piece of english

    but not as a disjointed collage :wink:
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