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Second law of thermodynamics

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    Says, in a closed system disorder is always increasing, more or less.

    But with gravitational forces, matters are sticking together--creating order.

    Thus the law=invalid

    Can I get my Noble?
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    Why do you not apply your theory to say, a collapsing cloud of hydrogen ? Maybe you will find free energy coming out !
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    Since you only asked one question, maybe.

    I'm not sure what a Noble is so you may get one, but you certainly won't recieve a Nobel of any sort for the statements you made.
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    You should be careful about claiming a law is invalid when you haven't understood the law yet.
    The effect that you mention transforms potential energy into very disorder kinetic energy.
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    This is rather silly.

    The fact that you have an external source of energy via the gravitational potential implies automatically that this is NOT a closed system. If you write the partition function without including such possible energy state, then your function is an incomplete description of the system.

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    Someone already locked this, but I had to bring it to everyone's attention: Nothing more classic than a crackpot asking for a "Noble" prize!
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