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Homework Help: Second Moment of Aria

  1. Aug 5, 2010 #1

    How do you work out the second moment of aria for a hollow square beam?


    I have looked over my notes and it says how to get the second moment of aria for all beams but a hollow square one. It has I beam, Circulare beams, Rectangular.......

    How do you go about working it out for a hollow square beam?

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    Basically you just take the area moment of a solid square 100mm a side and subtract off the inside.
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    So does that mean I would work out (100mm x 100mm) - (70mm x 70mm) and us that as the aria in the formula or work out the Moment of aria for the 100mm x 100mm and take off the moment of aria for a 70mmx70mm square?
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